Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good group, good start

Hello, folks, from Mexico. Well done on surviving the inevitable chaos of the first session, cos that was a heavy load from left field.  The media creation should be relatively tranquil by comparison!! You were a great group to work with. Big thanks from us to all involved and a special note of thanks to those who are responsible for the coffee and food set up, and to those who have been so helpful with the tech requirements and so on. Resource sharing will be a big part of the course.

Well done on persevering with the google account set ups. This always takes time and involves seeing the special role of tying email addresses to a properly set up google account. We've used gmail accounts for years largely because they have simplified the process of getting access to the "google suite" of services that we use.

You all did super well and we are looking forward to ongoing communication throughout the course. For those of you who are Twitter users, we are thinking of trying out a wee thing in the remaining classes that could be a bit of fun.

Have a good week and don't forget to drop in here when you have things to ask and/or offer. Remember, there are two ways to post. For those wanting to build up some fluency with blogging you can log into blogger and post from inside blogger. If you wanna post quickly 'on the run', you can do as I am doing here: just send an mssg with a subject line and the post in the body of the mssg, using the blog email address -- which is

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